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Have you or someone you know ever felt helpless when it comes to your health or that of a loved one?  I have a 6 year old son, who was formally diagnosed with severe persistent asthma when he was 3 years old.  Our first visit to the Emergency Room took place when my son was three months old.  He had a troubling cough and was having difficulty breathing.  This was the first of many trips to the ER, pediatricians, ENT’s, allergists, and immunologists.  In total, my son has been treated by approximately 12 specialists. 

He has had invasive surgery, taken indeterminable amounts of steroids, antibiotics, inhalants etc.  Last year, he had pneumonia for more than six months.  He was unable to attend school much of the time, unable to participate in normal activities, unable to have a good quality of life.  The effects of my son’s sickness were pervasive.  The effects were felt throughout our household including my other children, my marriage, my job, and finances. 

Out of complete desperation, we decided to try another route.  A friend recommended that my son see Dr. Leo Hart.  It was at this point that my son’s story began to change.  Dr. Hart is an exceptional listener.  He is intelligent, experienced, and has a wealth of information that he happily shares with his patient’s.  He genuinely believed that my son was capable of being healthy. 

Although skeptical, I began to have hope that maybe he was right.  Upon each visit, Dr. Hart speaks directly to my son.  He has developed great rapport with him, and instead of being scared, my son looks forward to his visits.  He has addressed my son’s needs on a holistic basis including chiropractic care, nutrition, allopathic testing and supplemental treatment.  He explains things thoroughly.  

As a direct result of Dr. Hart’s care, I am watching my son grow into health.  He has had longer periods of health than ever before.  The amount of asthmatic symptoms that my son exhibits currently is very limited.  He looks well.  He has only missed two days of school this year.  He participates in sports and is able to run without coughing or gasping.   I am so thankful that we made that initial appointment with Dr. Leo Hart.  I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their health condition to do the same.  I look forward to watching my son grow into the man that he was created to be; healthy, adventurous, and without limitation.  I urge you to make this step in your journey.      


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